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Bleep 57 with tafkatafta

Posted by tomo 4184 days ago techno| download podcast bleep unreleased berlin experimental All
New Bleep yesterday, number 57 with non-DJ tafkatafta.

"I asked tafkatafta if he'd like to put together a show for Bleep. I didn't really know what to expect, but I knew it'd be good. As far as I'm concerned Alex can do no wrong.

The show he gave me is not mixed. Alex doesn't DJ. It's also not a Live-set, but it is a smattering of released and un-released tracks of his some played out and some just faded into the next. He also 'interviewed' Bill Youngman in a Berlin park for the show (very serious topics!) and played an older track of Bill's that has never been released.

I personally feel this is one of the best Bleep's to date. Maybe I have more of an emotional attachment than any of you would have, regardless the effort Alex put into this is appreciated to the utmost and I hope someone hears his stuff who ordinarily wouldn't have.

T.he A.rtist F.ormerly K.nown A.s T.he A.rtist F.or T.he A.rtists = tafkatafta which is one of the aliases belonging to Alexander Köpke of Berlin, Germany.

Alex also use the following names: L.x.A., Al.X.E and tafkatafta. Alex was formerly a member of Aeox which incidentally is how I discovered him and his music.

Alex currently runsZinch Records and has several websites with his own music on them for download. tafkatafta.de and nietzschelieder.de. I highly recommend visiting the tafkatafta site as there are 60 tracks for download, covering a huge range of styles. I find his stuff reminds me of Art of Noise. It's not a direct mapping by any means, I'm just reminded of AoN whenever I listen to Alex's material."

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Total time 1:01:25

Approximate track list:

00:00 - tafkatafta "??" un-released
04:30 - tafkatafta "??" un-released
09:46 - tafkatafta "Clixx" Zinch 3
18:20 - Al.X.E "Scheiss Techno" unreleased
21:51 - Al.X.E "Up" un-released [Available for download, here.]
25:00 - Alex & Bill in the park
30:27 - Bill Youngman "??" unreleased
33:40 - Mark Hawkins Featuring Al.X.e "Go With The Flow" Feinwerk (forthcoming)
38:00 - "??" arty rehearsal room shit!
41:14 - L.x.A. "Wahl" un-released [Available for download, here.]
44:42 - Al.X.E "It Was Like That" un-released [Available for download, here.]
49:35- Marco & Alex "??" un-released
54:30 - Aeox "Satis Me" Tresor
59:16 - L.x.A "Yoko" unreleased
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