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Mike Holmes Bleep 54

Posted by tomo 4185 days ago techno| download hard radio bleep All
A set from Mike Holmes on Bleep 54. A solid set of hard distorted acidic beats. "Mike Holmes has been Djing for 10 years playing a mixture of dark, grimy and wonky techno. He has played along side some of Europe's finest Techno DJ's and producers including Ben Sims, Surgeon, Steve Rachmad, James Ruskin, Regis, Neil Landstrumm, Deetron, Christian Wunsch and Robert Natus to name a few.
After co-promoting 'Soundslike' in his home City, Chester he then joined up with Alcatraz where he is currently resident DJ @ The 'legendary' Cavern Club in Liverpool."

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Total time 1:34:44

1 - Bill Youngman & Neil Landstrumm "Guerilla Mask Work" Input-Output Inc. [Destroyerz e.p]
2 - Mascon "Meht Im Osten" Neue Heimat [Neutrum e.p]
3 - Neil Landstrumm "Leaving Edinburgh Humour" Tresor [Bedrooms & Cities l.p]
4 - Mascon & Dibu-Z "Faltlicht" Klangnet [Klangnet B]
5 - Steph "Polychrom" Null 0.16 [Rumkpelkammer e.p]
6 - Ibrahim Alfa "Marbles" Neue Heimat [Street Freak/Lowlife e.p]
7 - Rob Acid "Intergalactic Booty Funk" Horspielmusik [A Night At Pussy Galore Part2 e.p]
8 - Dibu-Z "Workbench" Klangnet [Klangnet A]
9 - Paul Birken "Thrill Skillz" Jackstar [Dirt Data e.p]
10 - Paul Birken "Off Center" Jackstar [Dirt Data e.p]
11 - Shon "Irritation" Null 0.09 [Irritation e.p]
12 - Scott Robinson "Tube Strike" Uglyfunk [Uglyfunk Vol.2 ]
13 - Bill Youngman & Neil Landstrumm "Chicken Heads" Leitmotiv [Punchbag e.p]
14 - Bill Youngman & Neil Landstrumm "Bloody Knuckles" Leitmotiv [Punchbag e.p]
15 - Mascon "Scarabeus" Klangnet [Klangnet A]
16 - Michele Fasano "New!!!" Neue Heimat [Friebad e.p]
17 - Shon "Mission Tinnitus" Null 0.09 [Irritation e.p]
18 - Daniel Benevente "Buscamos Cornudos" Neue Heimat [Punked e.p]
19 - Quick & Smart "Rock Your Body (DJ Mahatma Remix)" Horspielmusik [Rock Your Body (Remixed) e.p]
20 - Michele Fasano "Das Nachher" Neue Heimat [Friebad e.p ]
21 - DJ Mem "Is Your Ticket" Nasty Colour [Ther's Some Colour In Da House e.p]
22 - Norman "Messias" Feinwerk [Yellow Dummy Protector e.p]
23 - DJ Mem "Lorenza" Nasty Colour [Classic Material e.p]
24 - Ruben A "You Really Would" Nasty Colour [Classic Material e.p]
25 - Jamie Lidell "C-Note" Mosquito Freekin The Frame e.p]
26 - Beni "Aint nothing but tutti fruity" Null 0.15 [Kurz Strecker e.p]
27 - Mascon & Dibu-Z "Kontrolle" Klangnet [Klangnet C]
28 - Quick & Smart "Gehirntropfen" Nerven [Commodore Qicksmart e.p]
29 - Der Totmacher & Mahatma "Death" Miditonal [Amplify The Force Vol.2.0]
30 - Carsten Rechenberger & Recall 8 "Beep" Miditonal [Amplify The Force Vol 2.0]
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