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Welcome Beta Testers!

Posted by tomo 4222 days ago news|
http://www.detroitinstitute.org — The site has been public for a few days now and I've already had to fix the database and some other things. Thanks for visiting during this "beta" phase and please leave a comment here if you notice anything buggy or out of place. And feel free to just leave a comment or say hello here as well!
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4222 days ago
I tried to submit a story and after the prompt for the URL it seems to have hung. It's Tues Mar 27 at approx 10 mountain time
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2676 days ago

I think I have been having the same problem as dany@ for several months now. I can no longer post anything here. It doesn't matter how long or short the article is. Once I hit the submit button my post disappears as if it had never been entered. I thought I'd wait a few months to see if the bugs got straightened out with the site rework but I'm still having the same problem. I'm using exactly the same template for my posts as I always have but just change the track list portion for each show.

The rub is that several new spam topics were added as I was trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong. It's really bizarre that I can't post a topic that's music related yet the spam bots seem to have no trouble.

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2669 days ago
My name is ernesto claramount i posted a story recently and BLACKRAIN moderator has posted comments on my story that are disgratefull and offensive,stating that I myself have been voted for my own story, this is a bis disrispect, my story has gotten many votes since i placed links on myspace and facebook aswell..

please remove insulting comments form this moderator,

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