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Takaaki Itoh @ Cassette

Posted by tomo 3919 days ago techno| download hard japan All
Takaaki Itoh @ Cassette (Madrid, Spain) January 6, 2008

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If you're a fan there is lots of more Takaaki Itoh sets on this site. Here are some of the more recent ones:

Club Metro Lvov with Takaaki Itoh backed by Gera Komatsu, Kuzmitch Vs Spudder, and Uncle Sam of the
Dualtek (Takaaki Itoh and Go Hiyama) - Live PA at Awakenings
Takaaki Itoh - Live at Logic Sendai Japan
DUALTEK (Takaaki Itoh & Go Hiyama) @ Amateraxi (Tokyo, Japan) 16 06 2007

more Takaaki Itoh sets...
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