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DJ S2 and DJ Dex of Los Hermanos

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http://www.undergroundgallery.jp — Tonight I want to feature two mixes by Santiago Salazar, a.k.a. DJ S2, of Los Hermanos of Underground Resistance. The first is his new mix for Chroma Collective's show "Interstate-94", which is the famous freeway that goes west from Port Huron and goes through Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis but more importantly is the main road (after replacing Michigan Ave/US-12) connecting Detroit and Chicago, techno and house. The track list follows and, as you can see, contains many unreleased tracks by himself and others.

01. Ican - El Sereno - Ican Productions *
02. Kerri Chandler - Oblivion - Soul Heaven
03. Trackheadz - Our Music - NRK
04. Ican - Si Se Puede(Album Version) - Ican Productions
05. Thought Criminal - The Machine - Plan Recordings
06. Drumcell - Brain Wreck - Droid Recordings
07. Studio X - Los Kings Del Mambo - N Fusion
08. Esteban Adame - Maravilla13 - Ican Productions*
09. Diego - Pillow Rocker - Kanzleramt
10. Santiago Salazar - Plastic People - Ican Productions*
11. Robert Hood - Still Hear - Music Man
12. Teste - The Wipe - Probe Records
13. Roy Ayers - Tarzan (Âme Mix) cd-r
14. Quince - Americana - Delsin
15. Ican - Nite Owls - Ican Productions*
16. Ican - Northend (dedicated to Submerge) - Ican Productions*


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Total time 54:51

The second mix is from last year on Samurai FM for the Conexion show which starts off with Santiago's track Cambio. One of my favorite tracks, perhaps it's the Roy Ayers sample from Golden Rod. Unreleased at the time, it was eventually released under his Ican alter ego on Planet E. Following the Santiago set is a set by DJ Dex done for Underground Gallery in Japan. If you like this set and you're comfortable with Japanese you can purchase it here.Listen to more samples of UR061- Invisible Show Case Vol. 01 Part Two here.

Track list of DJ Dex portion heard on the show:
05. Portable “The World Unwinds”
06. DJ 3000 “Tales of Persia”
07. Los Hermanos “Olmec my Bro”
08. Nomadico “Planeta”
09. Underground Resistance “Swamp Thing”
10. DJ Dex “Technochet”
11. UR “Z-Track”
12. Los Hermanos “Lines of Nazca”
13. Mad Mike “Burning Spear”
14. Santiago Salazar “Mama Paz”
15. Underground Resistance “Install 'Ho-Chi Minh' Chip”

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Total time 1:02:48
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