Influences 313 Radio Show with Maxx-t (Code 316 Rec.) - About Kevin Saunderson

Posted by tomo 4222 days ago techno| detroit belleville french talk download podcast All — Influences 313 is a two-hour French radio program hosted by the oldschool radio DJ and producer Maxx-T. The format of the show is one hour of talk and one hour of music. The talking is in French and when the host says "day-twa" he means Detroit and when he says "three hundred thirteen" he's talking about the 313! The first hour has announcements for upcoming and just passed events in Detroit and around the world, anecdotes, and history lessons over job Detroit classics, promos, and unreleased tracks. The second hour is mixed by guest DJs from around the world.

The focus of the fifth episode of the show is Kevin Saunderson and it aired March 8. Episode six, Carl Craig, aired last Thursday and is currently only available on the Influences 313 Myspace page.

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