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Lx7 Interview with Mike Huckaby

Posted by tomo 4193 days ago techno| download podcast interview detroit All
http://www.lx7.ca — Lx7 interviewed Mike Huckaby and they had a nice long conversation about the music industry, music production, technology, music history, Record Time, and more. The longtime underrated DJ, producer, and Harmonie Park man is really down-to-earth as anyone who has run into him at Record Time knows. Things get deep at times and he says about techno, "That will fuck you up!"

"If you've ever spent time buying techno at Record Time in Detroit you've had the luck of talking to him about music, events happening in Detroit, and the overall the techno experience. As a dj, music producer, and label owner, Mike has always facinated me with his insight, and his understanding of the underlying structures of music. And ever since I started my podcast I'd wanted to interview him and share his unique perspective. He is a huge fan of gear, but also has his skill with software, and I feel very fortunate to be able to share our session about electronic music today. "

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