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Bleep Radio 83: Spewis & Luke's Anger Re-Live

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http://www.fun-in-the-murky.com — Aired: November 1st, 2007
Performed Live by:
Spewis (UK) / Myspace
Luke's Anger (UK) / Myspace
Coin Operated / Coin Op on Myspace

Bleep Radio #83 is a 'Re-Live' show. Re-Lives are shows that consist of the audio recorded at an event and then broadcast at a later date. The audio from this particular re-live was originally played by Spewis and Luke's Anger (separately) at a 'Coin Operated' night at Club Neurotica in Hackney on Sept. 22nd, 2007. As you should know by now 'Coin Operated' is the moniker that Mustard Gunn uses for both his events and label. The Coin Operated nights are currently the place to be!

Mustard Gunn has now bought himself a recording device so in the future there should be many more Coin Op sets available, including more from this same night. How pleasant.

No Tracklist for these Live-Sets

Bleep 83 (Whole Show)
Bleep 83 (Spewis Only Portion)

Bleep 83 (Luke's Anger Only Portion)
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