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Bleep Radio 86: Trevor Wilkes

Posted by isoprax 3981 days ago techno| bleep radio fun in the murky trevor wilkes dj set podcast download techno house electro All
http://www.fun-in-the-murky.com — 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
Garonne Man "The Mustach" Borft Records 102
Brommage Dub "Carbon Dub" Bromma 01
Tyronne Latrelle "It's My Feeling Now" RZ Records 18
Crinan "Jeti" Borft Records 96
Sutekh "Make It With The Bow" Adjunct 16
Garonne Man "Man i Bla Hatt" Borft Records 102
Duckbeats "You Say Furtaydo, I Say Furtado" Odori 37
Crinan "Domingo" Borft Records 96
Donk Boys "Elephant" Floppy Funk 13
Timeblind "Vertical Disintegration" All Ears 02
Outsider "Sex Is Extra (re-edit)" Junior Boy's Own 12
Laszlo Beckett "Guitar Beat Track Part 1" Hand On The Plow 06
Snog "Crash Crash" [K]rack-troni[k] 10
Chip Tronic "Sadened Extended" Ghettofuck 01
The 5% Nation of Casiotone "Static Lock" [K]rack-troni[k] 09
Volsoc "Easy Edit (My Shoe HZ Too, Dad)" Spacebar Sentiments 08
Mr. Velcro Fastener "City Scapes" i220
Crinan "Wyssling" Borft Records 96

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