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Bleep Radio 69: Trevor Wilkes

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Edweird strikes again!
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[01:00] 01 - TJR "I'm In The Pocket" Tonewrecker 13 [I'm In The Pocket EP 2007]

I wont go on again about how I came to realize how much I like this track. For that you can refer to previous Bleeps. I will mention again that it'll probably be a long time before it leaves my bag so get used to hearing it.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[05:33] 02 - Luke's Anger "Organ Monkey" Tigerbass 02 [Give Em Some Freq EP 2007]
Again I'm always going on about Luke's stuff. I've spoiled him enough. I'll relate a quick story instead. last Saturday my girlfriend and I went to the drive-in. Sitiing in the car, in line, waiting to pay, I was listening to this mix. At the point this track came on the car beside us gave us strange looks. I didn't say it was a good story...
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[08:35] 03 - Sugar Experiment Station "Influence Technology" Scandinavia 03 [Ultimathule EP 1996]

All four tracks on this EP should be drilled into people's head the very second they are born. Unless it's discovered that loud music is bad for newborns. I suspect it may be. it's classic in my circles and I suspect other's as well. Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt work together well now and seemingly always have. Although to be fair I didn't have to think that up myself. neil says so in his Archives
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[11:50] 04 - Tobias Schmidt "Systemshocker" Feinwerk 11 [Heavy Makeup EP 2007]
Another track, from another record, that wont be soon leaving the bag. Toby has been absolutely killing it the last few releases. he's always been someone I kept an eye out for, but it's reached a new level. It all started with the Monkey Tennis EP. Something changed. For the better.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[15:48] 05 - Axel Sohns "Analog Komplex" Tonewrecker 11 [Circling The Wagons Ep 2006]

I don't know if Axel has anything else lined up for release. I do know his label Kitty-Corner is putting out some killer releases though. I definitely urge everyone to check out the latest ep by TSR.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[19:08] 06 - Lief Ryan "Da Shit!" Growth 02 [Unhealthy Living EP 2003]
I seem to have a strange relationship with Lief's stuff. I get it, love it, forget about it. Don't know why. Lately I've been digging back out and giving it the room to breathe and the playtime it deserves.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[22:11] 07 - Rosie Brown "Bliss (D's Boom Bap Bleep Edition)" .dotbleep 11 [Bliss - Derrick Carter Remixes EP 2006]

I firmly believe this track is being abused by myself. And yet I can't put it away. DC's magic touch has overwhelmed my senses with his cunning use of bleep and vocal!
Discog's link w/ more information...

[26:40] 08 - Jamie Lidell "Freely Freekin" Mosquito 08 [Freekin The Frame EP 1997]
I've come to the conclusion that this is probably my favorite track. Most people start off sucking at least a little. jamie started off where most end up and has only gotten better since this record. Big up the TSR boys for hooking me up with this so I can have a 2nd copy. Not to hog it, but to be able to play the snot out of it without worrying about ruining my only copy!
Discog's link w/ more information...

[29:58] 09 - Byron Stingily "Get Up! (Mousse T.'s Extended Mix)" Peppermint Jam [Get Up! Remixes EP 1996]

This record is one of the few I catch myself singing along to. Brings me back to early party days and more specifically old Terry Mullan sets.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[33:31] 10 - TSR "Robi Und Fredi" Don't 09 [Onion Tied To My Belt EP 2006]
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that only two of the TSR'ers were involved in this track. They finally got rid of that Tommy character!
Discog's link w/ more information...

[36:07] 11 - Smash TV "Electronic Boy" Bpitch Control 20 [Rock On Boy Ep 2001]

This was one of those songs that you hear out and go nuts trying to figure out what it was. I believe it was Mateo Murphy that finally id'd it for me that year. Via...the old Gtech mailing list. yes my memory is very selective, but quite often very good.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[40:14] 12 - Luke's Anger "Strangle Hold" Don't 10 [Fistful Of Donkeys EP 2006]
Blah blah blah...see above. I do have this to say about the next Don't release though..."Readyyy now....." Sing it Frankie! ;) Tip!!
Discog's link w/ more information...

[43:31] 13 - Subhead "Forest Friends" Subhead 02 [Forest Friends Ep 1996]

Subhead of course being quite good at what they do did it again on the 2nd release of their own label. This is the track that most people buy it for if I do remember idle chat correctly. The release party for this EP was big news at the time and apparently was 5 shades of awesome. Subhead live and Claude Young when the music he played was still good? Yes please.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[47:04] 14 - Tomas Nordstrom "Jagermiester" Don't 05 [Knights Of The Jager EP 2004]
This is a new addition to the bag, but it's been around the block. I made myself put it away for a while as I over played it big time when it first came out. I'm allowing myself to use it again. Sparingly. if I overdo it...suck it up.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[50:22] 15 - Mark Hawkins "Frequency Respnose" Input-Output 15 [13 Years Of Raving EP 2007]

Think of this as a teaser EP. It's not really. Not officially I don't think anyway. Mark's album worth of tracks that he WANTS A HOME FOR is all along the same vein as this ep. There's one difference....The LP is even better. It's got Bill Youngman and aLXe doing guest bits on it. Previews soon my pretties
Discog's link w/ more information...

[54:53] 16 - Cannibal Cooking Club "longpigchef (Bill Youngman Remix)" Cannibal Cooking Club 04 [Recooked Volume 1 EP 2005]
This is probably one of my favorite remixed tracks. Bill totally turned a decent CCC track into gold. A guy I work with who doesn't normally listen to anything electronic heard this on a cd I had. he was fist pumping within seconds. Uh..in the air.
Discog's link w/ more information...

[57:32] 17 - Kylie Minogue "Slow (Tomas Nordstrom Feat. Chill Cover Version)"

I had to include this track. I tossed it in at the very end as I believe it deserves a full play out. I wont bother telling you all just how much I love it. I'll let you decide for yourself just how damn catchy it is.

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