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RTPOD-2: DJ Serotanine - Brightly Tech Mix

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DJ Serotanine - Brightly Tech Mix

DJ Serotanine (SPB @ work)

The spirit of St. Petersburg, its special mentality and internal arrangement (once you've been there you know what i mean) cause special attitude towards self-expression, (& towards techno music too!).

Ok, just imagine - water, dampness everywhere, industry around museums, hypochondric people in the streets, unpredictable weather changes... you can hear it all in selection by our guest - DJ Serotanine (who is 1/2 of Postapocalyps Pop liveact BTW). He brought some classic tunes today, the kind of stuff he usually plays at the parties. So, here we go! from St. Petersburgh to Brighton... are you ready for take-off?

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