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RTPOD-9: DJ Serotanine - Jagermeix

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St. Petersburg-based DJ Serotanine of Postapocalyps Pop shows us his skills again. Check out this stomping experimental techno selection with some russian-techno.com inclusions. It’s raw, it’s harsh and it’s danceable! We show all planes of techno, from the deeply devoten ones. Enjoy the next episode of our podcast with DJ Serotanine from the ‘Northern capital’. Have some Jagermeister and drop a line when you make it to the end! ;)


Tracklist & comments:
1) Aeox - Penicillin
2) Ester Ofei - Rebellion
3) Postapocalyps Pop - Teely (RTSW10)
4) Dibu-Z - Stomb Raider
5) Jason Leach - Marching Powder
6) G303 - Paranoid
7) Di Arty - Alone In The Dark Light (RTSW8)
8) Les Enfants Sages - Toujours Sages
9) Postapocalyps Pop - A-Short
10) Mr. Oizo - Half A Scissor
11) Black Lung - The Hostmen Of Tyne
12) Steph - Electrocute Drum
13) Vadz - Mechanoid (RTSW10)
14) Queaver & Versis - Beatburger
15) Bjoern Svin - Sick Eyes
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