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Little White Earbuds present podcast 07 DJ Bone

Posted by tomo 3674 days ago techno| download detroit podcast All
DJ Bone: I did this mix live in my studio last week (9/8/08). I was motivated by something interesting I read so I jumped up and did the mix. They’re always better when I’m inspired. The concept was to bring the moodier side of techno into a dancefloor mentality. It’s not bang-bang-bang, but it definitely makes you want to move. And once you’re moving you start to feel the emotion come out of each song. So I’m basically mixing emotions on this mix.

01. DJ Bone, “Fam (Create)” [Sect Records]
02. DJ Bone, “GTC” (DJ Bone’s Deep Concentration Mix) [Subject Detroit]
03. DJ Bone, “The Vibe” [Subject Detroit]
04. DJ Bone, “No Sleep (True To Da Roots)” [Sect Records]
05. Trench, “Arrival” [Subject Detroit]
06. The Future, “They Call Me” [Sect Records]
07. Rennie Foster, “Hustle N’ Flow” [Subject Detroit]
08. DJ Bone, “Himbot” [Subject Detroit]
09. Stephen Brown, “MG” [Subject Detroit]
10. DJ Bone, “Higher” [Sect Records]
11. Stephen Brown, “Keygroups” [Subject Detroit]
12. DJ Bone, “Thursday Night” [Subject Detroit]
13. DJ Bone, “Tru Warriors” (Spirit Mix) [Subject Detroit]
14. Stephen Brown, “Music Is” [Subject Detroit]
15. Crudo, “First Year” [Subject Detroit]
16. Crudo, “Slave of Rhythms” [unreleased]
17. DJ Bone, “Circus World” [Subject Detroit]
18. Joris Voorn, “Revelation” [Green]

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