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Robert Hood Bodytonic podcast 007

Posted by tomo 3836 days ago techno| download detroit minimal podcast All
Robert Hood was not only a substantial part of the second wave of Detroit techno with Jeff Mills, you could say that he invented minimal techno. Dublin, Ireland's Bodytonic's first techno mix in its podcast series is a set from Robert Hood.

"Currently enjoying something of a renaissance having just released a corker of a mix for Fabric, this mix features Hood under his Grey Area guise - an alias he uses to showcase his own productions and remixes and his labels catalogue from M-Plant, Duet, Drama, Hardwax.

This mix was recorded recently at the legendary FUSE club in Belgium. Thanks to Oliver at EPM for making this happen...and enjoy!"

From March 31, 2008.

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3830 days ago
Does anyone have a track listing for this awesome set ???
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3820 days ago
Wow. This is seriously good shit. Seriously.

Awesome don't even come close.

Techno at it's purest and most sublime & with an edge you could use to split atoms and break hearts.

Starkly austere yet with a deep, lush, frankly slightly disturbing emotion grip.

This is as good as it gets. Ever.

Grateful thanks to everyone involved in making this available. Congratulations on the quality.
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3806 days ago
if you got a lighter in your pocket, light it up!!

thanks to all, esp. mr hood.
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3752 days ago
tracklist fella....certainly the track that mixes into the "if you have a lighter in your pocket" track is a remix of Dave Clark's classic 'Red 2' which was initially on bush records but dunno bout the remix. There's also 'Steve Pointdexter's "work that motherfucker" which you'll be able to identify i reckon...don't know the others i'm afraid but they are class!
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3541 days ago
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