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Richie Hawtin at the Winter Music Conference

Posted by tomo 4220 days ago techno| detroit minus download minimal All
http://www.spinner.com — While not much can compare to a multihour live performance by Richie Hawtin here is a pretty good condensed and up-to-date one hour set by the Wizard of Windsor. Recorded at the Remix Hotel during the Winter Music Conference in Miami this month, you won't even have to deal with the South Beach scene to enjoy this one. Although it would be quite worthwhile if it turned out anything like it did last year for Richie when he was assaulted by a bouncer as he was performing, kicked out of the club, let back in, kicked out again, kicked out of another club, reportedly banned from every other club in Miami, and ended up throwing an impromptu party incognito in true renegade raver fashion. Read more about that at Spinner.

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4050 days ago
Do you know why Richie got kicked out of the clubs? I mean the reason behind it all
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4031 days ago
yes, i was at the club they were trashed and he started making out with villalobos and they were just too rowdy..
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