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Resident Advisor podcast number 73 from September 30, 2007 is a live set from Canadian dub techno producer Deadbeat, real name Scott Monteith, whose parents are a Reiki therapist, someone who claims to be able to heal people with energy even from a distance, and a church minister, someone who makes claims that are just as preposterous in order to control the minds of the crowd before him -- though it is a proven fact that DJs are able to do both such things quite well. Influences of Basic Channel and Jamaican dub can be heard in this set which features a lot of ~scape and unreleased dancehall tunes.

1. Fixed Elections (Dancehall mix) - unreleased
2. Refund Me (featuring Bubbz) - ~Scape
3. Where Has My Love Gone - ~Scape
4. Bad Man Mash Up - unreleased
5. Deep in Country (featuring Moral Undulations) - ~Scape
6. Gimme a Little Dub - ~Scape
7. Gimme a Little Slack (featuring Jah Cutta) - ~Scape
8. Turbulence - ~Scape
9. Texas Tea - ~Scape
10. One One Five - ~Scape
11. Plumbicon remix - Ml/i
12. Mecca Drum Jack - Wagon Repair
13. To Berlin With Love (Dancehall mix) - unreleased
14. Sylvenstein Remix - ~Scape
15. Claudette (featuring Gregory Issacs) - Shockout
16. Look How She Hot (featuring Daddy Freddy) - unreleased

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