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Monoblock - Ibiza Voice Podcast

Posted by tomo 4037 days ago techno| download minimal podcast All
Monoblock, aka Martin TC & Guikle, have managed to get into the record bags of minimal tastemakers from Richie Hawtin and the M_nus crew to Marco Carola, even Josh Wink, and rightfully so. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay the pair moved to Valencia, Spain and quickly took advantage of the minimal scenes in Spanish cities. Find their dubby groovy minimal releases on Archipel, Immigrant, Freak & Chic and the netlabel Ouzo. You can download their track on a compilation album released in June on Ouzo called Similitudes in RAR format. Their track is Monoblock / Dumbo (remix invisible beat). "Dumbo (beat invisible remix) is dark and melodic techno with tango influences and an infectious groove."

Monoblock - Ibiza-Voice.com Podcast

Trizas (Monoblock)
Perciavale (Monoblock)
Lucky family (Monoblock)
Mescaline grumoso (Monoblock)
Lfofter (Monoblock) - unreleased vs vientos(mateo)
El baile del enano de jardin (Monoblock) IMMD03 "La otra cara/del enano" ep
Hermano Freak & Chic RENDEZ VOUS
Untone (Monoblock) Cynosure 25 "esas cosas" ep
MMarco (Monoblock)
*Jammin* (Monoblock)
Eenanoide (Monoblock) IMMD03 "La otra cara/del enano" ep
*Jammin* (Monoblock)
Dumbo (Monoblock beat invisible remix) Ouzomusic 19 VA "Similitudes"

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why can't you download the song his self

i don't only want to listen it i want to download!
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