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Espion - Camouflage April 2007 Mix

Posted by tomo 4185 days ago techno| download oldschool breaks detroit All
Espion's Laptop set from Espion (Orson/Hyperoctave) from Camouflage in April 2007, with an eclectic mix of tracks by Luke Vibert, Automat, Trentemoller, Analord and a fifteen minute old skool Prodigy section, plus some special tracks from unsigned artists Colin Bain, Komosa and Digital Camouflage. Espion is based in Glasgow heavily influenced by artists from labels such as Warp Records, Clone, Itiswhatitis, Ghostly International and Underground Resistance.

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Track List:
Luke Vibert - Homewerk
Decadnids - Uneedalife rmx
Komosa - Succumbed
Automat - Conflict
Lexdinamo - Iky V
Plateau - Buddhas Sister
Metaboman - Kommse Teil
Chicks on Speed - Wordyrappinhood (playgroup remix)
Trentemoller - Rykketid
Trentemoller - Killer Kat
Empirion - Ciao (advent remix)
Analord - Naks Acid
Komosa - Ballistic
Vector lovers - Arrival, Metropolis
Lusine - Risa
Automat - Lesson One
John Starlight - Blood Angels (Chris Liebing remix)
KillmemCrash - ThrwupYourMnd
Hellfish and Producer - Crawl & Die
Espion - Petrol Bomb the Fuckers (Point B remix)
Colin Bain - Maxmal
Prodigy - Everybody in the Place (155 and rising)
Prodigy - Wind it Up
Aphex Twin - Elephant Song
Prodigy - Break and Enter
Adult - Silenty Property
Squarepusher - Schizm track #2 mix
Analord - MC-4 Acid
Download - Ratail Comb
Komosa - Embryo
Digital Camouflage - Recon
Lusine - Auto Pilot
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