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Jerome D - Acid Planet, White Lodge, and Black Lodge

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Three mixes from Jerome D., a DJ from France. The mixes represent a variety of styles from electro to Detroit techno, industrial to disco synth. Drexciya and Phuture in Acid Planet to Kraftwerk, Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, and Depeche Mode in Black Lodge, just something extra from Jerome.

Acid Planet

1 Rude 66 “Black Sabbath”
2 Ben Mays “X-rated” (dub instrumental)
3 Adonis “No Way back”
4 The Electric Ecstasy Club “Jesus Love the Acid” (Fez mix)
5 It Ain’t Chicago “Ride The Rhythm”
6 Gene Hunt “Living in A Land”
7 Prins Thomas “Fehrara”
8 Link & E621 “Antacid”
9 Unit Moebius “Panta Rhei”
10 I-F “The Search”
11 Phuture “Slam”
12 Control Voltage 1
13 Hot hands Hula “Hot hands”
14 James Jack Rabbit Martin “Rabbit trax”
15 Drexciya “Wavejumper”

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White Lodge

1 Night Moves “Transdance”
2 IMS “Nonline”
3 Zwischenfall “Flucht”
4 Crazy Gang “Every Sunday”
5 Black Devil Disco Club “I Regret the Flower Power”
6 Francisco “Disco Way”
7 The Droids “Shanti Dance” part 1& 2

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Black Lodge

1 Kraftwerk “Trans Europe Express”
2 Corruption House “House”
3 Front 242 “Controversy Between”
4 Cabaret Voltaire “Sensoria”
5 Visage “I'm Still Searching”
6 Shock “Dynamo beat”
7 Shock “RERB”
8 The Emperor Machine“Pro Mars”
9 Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus”
10 John Foxx “Underpass”

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