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Youtube Easter

Posted by tomo 4210 days ago techno| video detroit humor history All
So it's Monday again. Maybe you have the day off. Maybe you just don't feel like doing work. Either way you'd rather watch funny Internet videos than get deep into a techno set while adding a few bucks to the corporate bottom line.

First is a clip from an old dance TV show in Detroit called The Scene. The year is 1982 and the song they're dancing to is Sharevari by A Number of Names, considered by many to be the first techno track ever, considered by the rest to be a prototype of said genre, the two without which this site may have never existed. Read BMG's take on the story behind it at Metro Times.


Next up is one of the funniest videos of Detroit techno that has nothing to do with Detroit techno.


Then we have Daren Ager demonstrating in his homemade commercial for the Korg EMX how to perform Detroit techno on this quite capable piece of kit.


Finally we have the video for Fedde Le Grand's European smash hit from last summer Put Your Hands Up For Detroit. I realize this may be very old, that you may be very sick of hearing the song, but how can you ever tire of hot stripper nurses? Shout outs to Ghostly International for the original rendition of this song, way back in the day -- for those who know.

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