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mnml ssg #22 : eric cloutier

Posted by cloutier 3490 days ago techno| techno house deep detroit minimal dub All
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mnml ssg #22 : eric cloutier

and the hits keep on coming... following on from cio's lovely mix, the latest edition in the mnml ssgs mx series comes from NYC's eric cloutier. eric was someone who we came across last year, i think it may have been a mix he did for the ghostly 'cast that grabbed our attention. that combined with him tending to make comments we agree with was enough for us to think that he'd make a fine addition to the series. unsurprisingly, eric has stepped up to the plate and delivered an impressive mix which shows a deft touch on the decks. it has taken a bit longer than expected for eric to come up with the mix, as he kept mindfucking himself in the process, but it was definitely worth the wait. he explained to me that, 'before i wasn't letting myself come through and was putting too much pressure on myself, but when it came down to it, relaxing and just going with what i know and feel yielded a mix that i'm exceptionally proud to share with ssgs and its audience.' and he certainly should feel proud. this one is a beauty.

eric puts on a monthly night in new york called 'down', which is every third thursday at oulu lounge in brooklyn. here is his discription of it: 'always free, guests here and there. almost never breaking 120bpm. it was basically created out of my own personal desire to hear something outside of the normal dancefloor affair, as well finally use some music that i've owned and adored for years that i never get to play.' sounds like pretty good logic to me. you can find more info about eric at his myspace and his webpage.

big thanks to eric for really digging deep on this mix. as everyone knows, we have a distinct concept and purpose with this series and we are always very happy when the contributor fully signs up to what we are trying to do. so much respect to eric. get excited and for now, enjoy the carefully crafted sounds of eric cloutier.

00. potuznik - the traveler turned around [cheap records]
01. audion - i am the car [unknown]
02. dub taylor - human shades #18 [opossum recordings]
03. gonno - i don't need competition [beyond]
04. pepe bradock - deep burnt [kif recordings]
05. seth troxler - aphrika [wolf+lamb records]
06. derek marin - bright lights, dark room (osborn remix) [subtrak]
07. omar-s - psychotic photosynthesis [fxhe records]
08. pied plat - double trouble [rush hour]
09. mathias mayer + patlac - skipper [liebe*detail]
10. pan-pot - ape shall never kill ape (cassy remix) [mobilee]
11. steve bug + richie hawtin - low blow [m_nus]
12. the vision - detroit: one circle [metroplex]
13. scott grooves - atmospheric emotions [natural midi]
14. levon vincent - these games [novel sounds]
15. jeremy - #10 b1 [driftwood]
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