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Jaffa Kid-Motor City Mix 1

Posted by jaffakid 2610 days ago techno| detroit; electro; techno; house All
http://soundcloud.com — This is a mix of alot of current/past/old/new space funk of mainly Detroit stuff I've been digging recently, hope you all enjoy it, would love abit of feedback if possible, thanks alot. 44 mins, tried to cram in as many tunes as possible, hopefully it flows ok.
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2610 days ago
Melody Boy-Monotone Fantastique

Omar-s-Psychotic Synthesis

Basemental-A Basemental

Mouth to mouth

Lady B-Cruising Around Motor City

Mike Grant-The struggle of my people (mr g's there is hope mix)

Renee Et Gaston-Merluche Ideale

Omar-s-Here's your trance now dance!

Kasse Haseem-578

Robert Hood-Detroit:One Circle

Robert Hood-Minus

Robert Hood-Minus +2

Robert Hood-Still Hear (Los Hermanos remix)

Robert Hood-And then we planned our escape

Robert Hood-School

Rennie Foster-Genkaku

Aaron Carl-Crucified (Mass Michigan Bass Posse remix)

Andrea Parker-Unconnected Edit

Mos Def And Massive Attack-I Against I


DJ Client-Back in off me

Parris Mitchell-Every freakin day , every freakin night

Parris Mitchell-Ghetto shoutout

Body System-Peaceofmine
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