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Filthy Friction Podcast 001: Thomas Schumacher and 002: Matador

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Filthy Friction is a monthy Dublin techno/house night located in TheThinkTank. They have a new podcast and their first two posts are Thomas Schumacher and Matador.

Filthy Friction Podcast 001: Thomas Schumacher
"When you think Schumacher you think Germany,brilliance,excitement and Formula 1.We dont know if this Schumacher likes cars driving around a racetrack at 300km/hr but we do know he's German and his productions and sets are brilliantly exciting.
Thomas Schumacher comes up with the goods in the first of our series of Podcasts providing a beautiful blend of techno and house,starting off slowly and building up perfectly.Like most things German,you can rely on it doing exactly as it was intended to."

1.Schneider TM-The Light 3000
2.Sascha Braemer & Philip Bader - Thrill
3.Lawrence - Miles
4.DOP - Horns N Roses
5.MyMy - Everybody's Talking
6.Arnoud Le Texier & Emanuel Ternnois - Here I Am
7.Solimano - Amorestaroles
8.Thomas Schumacher - Picanha
9.Argy & The Martinez Brothers - Debbi Downer
10.Runaway - Brooklynn Club Jam(Tedd Patterson Remix)
11.Mathias Meyer - Salt City(Nick Curly Remix)
12.Gimikk - She Luff

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Filthy Friction Podcast 002: Matador
"At a time when people are saying "minimal is dead" Ireland's Matador is giving us more and more reasons with each release to show a renewed interest in the genre. From releases nationally on Aciitone and Nice & Nasty to international works for such well respected labels as Perc Trax,the artist born Gavin Lynch is under the spotlight for this weeks Filthy Friction podcast. A man of few words, he's content to let the music do the talking for him."

1.Marc Houle-Selection 12
2.Marc Houle-Edemane
4.Minilogue-Jamaica(Dubfire Remix)
5.Hans Bouffmhyre-Result(Matador Remix)
7.Matthew Dear-Pinch&Pillage
8.Paul Nazca-Chorizo
9.Gerrano Mastrantonio-Night In The Jungle(Matador Remix)
10.Koen Groenveld-Wake Turbulance
11.Sourcecode-How High
12.Extrawelt-Trummerfeld(Huntemann Remix)
13.Simon Tavazzi-Pumpkins
14.Paul Ritch-Walk The Line

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