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EPM Podcast #39 | Alter Ego Sessions present Mark Flash UR

Posted by chordminor 2085 days ago techno| techno electro detroit ur All
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Mark Flash - Intro
Garrett's Crew "Nasty Rock"
Cybertron "Alleys Of Your Mind"
Cyborg Unknown "Year 2001"
Chaos & Dopplereffekt "Afrogermanic & Cellular"
Cybertron "Clear"
Aux 88 "Clones"
Dj Assault "Shake It Baby"
Mad Mike "X2 Electric Soul"
Body Mechanic "Peaceofmine"
Mr De' "Whonleeone"
Aux 88 "Tom Tom Beats"
Model 500 "Nightdrive"
Aux 88 "We Make Beats"
Model 500 "Future"
Channel One "Technicolor"
Aux 88 "Posatronix" (Side A)
Kraftwerk "Tour De France"
Aux 88 "Posatronix" (Side B)
Interstellar Fugitives "Babylons Gift"
Ice-T, Glove & Dave Storrs "Reckless"
Cybotron "Cosmic Cars"
Kraftwerk "Numbers (Remix)"
B.O.S.E "Don't Knock It Till You Try It"
Planet Detroit "Invasion From Planet Detroit" (Outro)
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