Ulises's Tribute to New Electro

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Ulises-Tribute-to-Electro-II-abril-2007- Ableton dj set, a tribute to new electrofunk.

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01-Alien Skull Paint -Visions And Places- Label: Kafue Systeme - 2006
02-240 interceptor -untitled x1- Info: www.240-interceptor.com
03-Silicon Scally - Default - Label: Satamile Records NYC - 2007
04-Luke eargoglle-Rookie Rokad - Label: Kust Musik -2006
05-Luke eargoglle-Mama loves me - Label: Stilleben Records - 1999
06-Boris Divider-Metropolis of Darkness-Label:Electro Endeavors Vol 2-2006
07-Supreme.ja Terminalcity - Label: Electro Endeavors Volume 2- 2006
08-Bfx-Alone-Label: Made From Concentrate - 2006
09-Kan3da-Biorobota info: http://kan3da.240-interceptor.com/
10-Bass Patrol-Rock this Planet - Label: Joey Boy Records
11-Cristopher Kah-Camille Ist Tot - Label: Axess Code -2006
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