Legowelt - Live at Outhouse Festival

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Hailing from the Hague Legowelt, alias of Daniel Wolfers, cites Detroit's Blake Baxter, Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins, and Drexciya as well as Chicago House artist Farley Jackmaster Funk as early influences. The man was moved by Detroit and you'll see that his photo on Myspace is of him somewhere in Detroit. Which only partially explains the hybrid style of electro (electrobass) and neo-house he's putting out these days. Check out this set from Legowelt at Outhouse Festival from September 1, 2007 with tracks from Joris Voom, Audion, Robert Babicz, Gui Boratto, Samim, Supermayer, and more. And if you missed it Legowelt live PA at Sfinks.

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