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Tresor closing video and Richie Hawtin documentary

Posted by tomo 4199 days ago techno| detroit berlin video documentary interview tresor history All
I found this video of Richie Hawtin's set from Tresor's closing party but then the Awakenings sets took over for a few days. It's about 20 minutes of a pretty good performance cutting between clean recording and live video audio and he's even wearing the "Magda Make the Tea" t-shirt that we alluded to before. It seemed like it was much more a party mood compared to the last Focus:Electronic. The club had a good run from 1991 to 2005 becoming one of the world's top techno clubs not to mention a fine record label. The club was located in part of an old department store near the Berlin Wall with a steel vault inside from which came the name, tresor meaning "treasure" in French but in German means "safe" or "vault". Though a drug raid at the club preceded its closing, economic pressure in the gentrifying neighborhood is what caused the block it sat on to be redeveloped as offices. And so it goes. Read the closing letter from Tresor here.

I also recently watched the Slices's Pioneers of Electronic Music Volume 1 DVD, which is basically a documentary about Richie Hawtin. It contains lots of interview footage of Richie Hawtin, Magda, John Acquaviva, the Hawtin family, Sven VathClark Warner, Derrick May, and so many other important people in the Detroit techno scene. Lots of footage from his early days in Detroit, the beginnings of Plus 8 Records, and lots of goodies and extras in general. It's sure to become a classic in techno history if only because there are so few documentaries that tell the story right now, the other great new one being High Tech Soul. Purchase Pioneers of Electronic Music Volume 1 DVD here.

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