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RTSW12: Various Artists - Electro Therapy

Posted by vadz 3186 days ago techno| new release free download netlabel russian techno electro All
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1. RAIN - Electrobass Wave (4:45)
2. RAIN - Vocoder Love (5:45)
3. Neonicle - Psychonaut (3:48)
4. Neonicle - Test Tube (5:20)
5. Vadz - Mint (5:00)
6. Vadz - Ice World (5:00)
7. Thorn MD - Mirror Matter (5:10)
8. Thorn MD - Mecha Giallo (6:00)

Different in sound and mood, these tracks were put together to sastisfy the most exacting robot's hunger. We start our therapy with St. Petersburg-based RAIN, a new artist on RT. Simple and elegant electro sound, bright melodies to warm you up in the beginning of the session. Next is Neonicle - 'northern' capital electro punk. A bit of psychedelia and a drop of noize for you here. His album is coming out on RT in February and is gonna be a f###ing awesome! Moving further - 2 tracks from Vadz. More dirt, static electricity, and images of distant worlds. Just add more volts if you feel sad! Thorn MD hails from Moscow. He's a doctor at the ICU in regular life and this is his first appearance at RT. 2 pieces of dark electro with sci-fi elements and dim voices end up our therapy session today. Thanks everyone, hope our treatment made no harm to you!

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