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Booka Shade on Triple J Mixup

Posted by tomo 4184 days ago techno| download electro minimal pop german australia demf All
A great set by Booka Shade broadcast on Australia's Triple J Mixup, their signature style of new electronic dance music, electro and minimal techno, turning old sounds new again. For more, check out their album Movements released to much acclaim. Speaking of Movements, Booka Shade will be performing live this month at Movement, Detroit's Electronic Music Festival.

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Total time 1:00:55

01. Helios - Vargtimme (Type)
02. Trancesetters - Drive (Touché)
03. Locodice - A Chico A Rhytmico (Cadenza)
04. Diskjokke - Mekksibobo (Kindisch)
05. Lopazz - Share My Rhythm (Get Physical)
06. DJ T. - Jam Pot (Get Physical)
07. Marmion - Schöneberg (Superstition)
08. Jona - Fisherman (Get Physical)
09. Paul Ritch - June (unknown)
10. Booka Shade - Unhealthy Pleasures (Get Physical)
11. Dubfire - I Feel Speed / Booka Shade Dub (Sci + Tec)
12. Laurent Garnier - Acid Eiffel (Fnac)
13. Night Falls vs Won´t Back Down (Bootleg)
14. Paperclip People - E2E4 / Basic Reshape (Basic Channel)
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