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RTSW6: Rabitza - Chronicles Of Destruction

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1. Rabitza - Chronicles Of Destruction Part 1 [4:20]
2. Rabitza - Chronicles Of Destruction Part 2 [4:17]
3. Rabitza - Chronicles Of Destruction Part 3 [4:37]
4. Rabitza - Chronicles Of Destruction Part 4 [4:44]

Rabitza rocks! Rabitza rules! Rabitza drives you crazy!
Rabitza is a live-performance multi-style creative duo (Alexander Rabitz and Ivans Borodoy) from the South of Russia. Their zetetic minds self-express themselves in goa-trance, ambient, and, of course, techno. Their music is always on the edge, emotional and vivid, strong, and, what's really important - it has a character. 'Chronicles Of Destruction' is a postapocalyptic etude in 4 parts, dark and scary, full of hard-ass energy. Parts 1 to 3 were carefully taken straight from stage - cut from various techno live-perfomrances recordings, and slightly adjusted and mastered for this release. The tracks became self-sufficient, dj-friendly and don't fall out of the context. The 4th part was extemporary written in a studio by Ivans and became a huge surprise for the both members and all the party-people lately.
Let's press play and hear the hardware working!

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