Jerome D. - Les oies sauvages and Detroit electro mix

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Les oies sauvages by DJ Jérôme D. The man is influenced by old-school artists like Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, and Drexciya (RIP) and the set follows an alternate timeline of dance music.

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1 Nightmares on Wax- Aftermath (LFO remix)
2 Lhasa - The Attic
3 Jupiter Black - We like Moroder (Starcluster remix)
4 David Garcet - Redemption (Revolving Eyes remix)
5 Strangelets - Riot on Planet (Blitz Gramsci Remix)
6 JTC - Take Em Off
7 Lost trax - The Saturiun System
8 Carl craig - At Les
9 Mr Pauli - Weird
10 Electronome - Influence
11 Morphogenetic - They Walk Amoung Us
12 The Consumer - Dissociaty Identity
13 SYD - Jupiter's Deelight
14 Mr Pauli - Show You Why

Also check out his Detroit electro mix: "When our wings are cut, can we still fly"

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1 Ultradyne "Clones"Z Therapy remix
2 Andrea Parker "Melodius Thunk"
3 Lowfish "Science Persuades Best"
4 DJ Overdose Y Mr. Pauli "El Corredor De Las Dunas"
5 Volfram "A2"
6 Luke Eargoggle "Puzzle Kid"
7 Composite Profuse "R.XX"
8 Rude 66 "Overkill"Vocoder mix
9 Suburban Kinght "Alpha Game"
10 DJ K1 "Erase the time"
11 Egyptian Lover "The Lover"
12 DJ Technician "Never Ever"
13 Clone Theory "Ground Assault"
14 Dcast Dynamics "Trans-migration"
15 Tecroc"VR Crush"
16 Kobol Electronics "YR1"
17 Der Zyklus "Elektronisches Zeitecho"
18 new World Aquarium "Monkey World"
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