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Funky Deep Mix < Aaron Bradley - Including Aquarius Recordings, Honchos, Dj Dan, Voodoo Ray >

Posted by Aaron 4112 days ago techno| funky deep house aaron bradley All
http://s196060017.onlinehome.us — No one does it funky and deep like Aaron Bradley, and his unique spin on things shakes you buckwild with Rata Tat Tat - Funk That. Starting off with old school flavour Jack Aaron's spell slowly takes you over until right through with DJ Dan's Put the Record Back On! And the funk takes place, Just Bounce will do just that, make you bounce in your chair with it's sexy basslines. And it doesn't stop there as The Funkalizer EP shakes you up even more. All this quirkiness and not even half way through but wait until you hear the funkiness of Two's Up by Da Sunlounge - oooh BABY!
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