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DanceRecords #496553

Posted by Aaron 3514 days ago techno| funky dubby techy house All
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So this came from a long awaited record order from DanceRecords which had just finally come in. I really wanted the order because of the first track I played in the mix. This used to be an anthem @ Industry back in the day and was probably known all over the world.

I started to play this track at my friends house today and because it brought back such good memories, I just had to do a mix. The mix is a one time shot with lots of cuts, filters, echos, flangers... All of the records are from different genres really, so it gets around a bit... Hope you enjoy!!!

1) SexOsonique - I Thought It Was You
2) Pablo J - Closer To Mine
3) Soul Conspiracy - High Jack
4) Jay Tripwire - Robots In Disguise
5) Tone Broke - Colder Than Usual
6) Panic - Hundreds And Fifties EP
7) Philly Suckaz - Side Fx
8) DJ Vitamin D & DJ Nique - Gerbil Beats
9) Manny Berenguel - Nocturnal Affaires EP
10) Jerome Pinder - The Fono EP

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