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DJ 3000, Detroit Surgeon and Birmingham Surgeon, QOTSA

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From back in June, Dave Clarke's White Noise show featured the international surgical team of Birmingham's Surgeon and Detroit's DJ Surgeon as well as Detroit's DJ 3000.

"Not content with playing the soon to be released stormer "Hutch" last week Dave throws it down again as the opening track in his opening salvo of White Noise as a statement of intent for supporting new and unsigned music, other tracks that deserve your full attention are DJ 3000 "Face your Fate" which is out in August and DGP's anthemic "Birth in Zero Gravity", also Dave drops some damn serious ghetto tech bass with Detroit's own DJ Surgeon, not to be confused with Birmingham's own Surgeon who will be up in part deux."


1) Punk Ass aka Rob Gibson "Hutch"

2) Robert Armani "Circus Bells Remix"

3) Phase "The HyperOrganism"

4) DJ 3000 "Face Your Fate"

5) DJ Bone "Beauty in Decay"

6) DJ Surgeon "Electro Bass Head"

7) T Linder "Respect"

8) Convextion "Miranda"

9) Stephan Bodzin "Fahrenheit"

10) Echoplex "Next Step"

11) Fabrice Lig "Access Denied"

12) Detroit Grand Pubahs "Birth in Zero Gravity"
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