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Brooker - Pirate Revival #6 - 18/06/07

Posted by tomo 4131 days ago techno| download oldschool breakbeat rave hardcore drum and bass All
Brooker - Pirate Revival #6 - 18/06/07. Techno/Breakbeat Hardcore from 1990-1991. Oldschool rave classics, real proto-jungle stuff. Lots of Shut Up and Dance tunes to kick things off.

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The Ragga Twins - Hooligan 69 (SUAD)
SUAD - Dance before the Police come (Remix) (SUAD)
Nicolette - Single Minded People (SUAD)
The Scientist - The Excorcist (Kickin)
Fantasy UFO - Fantasy (XL Recordings)
LFO - LFO (Remix) (Warp)
Energize - Report to the Dance Floor (Network)
One Tribe - Get Hyped (Dance Wax)
Supermatic - Open your mind (Go Bang)
Sonic Solution - Music (R&S)
Holy Noise - Father forgive them (Hithouse)
Doc Scott - Surgery (Absolute 2)
Energy Storm Vol 2 - Darkness Beyond (ESP)
Set up System - Factory (Big Time)
Gathering Momentum - Bass Kick (Big Time)
Frequency - Where is your evidence (Lower East Side)
PWM - Are you ready to move (Pirate Records)
The Prodigy - Everybody's in the place (XL recordings)
Trigger - Wisdom (Target Records)
First Prodject - Premium Qualitat (Fokus)
Razorboy & Mirror Man - Beyond Control (Rabbit City)
X Static - Free (E Type remix) (Production House)
Bass Construction - Check how we jam (Elicit)
SL2 - DJ's take control (XL Recordings)
Bass Construction - Dance with Power (Elicit)
Tronik House - Up Tempo (KMS)
Cosmo & Dibbs - Star Eyes (Moving Shadow)
The Family Foundation - Express Yourself (380 Records)
Noise Factory - Loving You (Ibiza Records)
Noise Factory - Let go (Ibiza Records)
CMC - Overtime (Ibiza Records)
Bit by Bit - Hardcore is the future (Dance International)
Mig 23 - Mig 23 (Pirate Records)
Ravesignal III - Horsepower (R&S)
Tronik House - Spark Plug (KMS)
Intense - Jock's Nightmare (Great Asset)
Sunkings - The Operator (White label)
Dread - Untitled (786 Approved)
The Energizer Vol 1 - Untitled (Energizer)
Multicoloured Laser - Environmental Health (Mid Range Records)
Double T & Mister E - Pull a fast one (Break the Limits)
Power Zone - Mind Games (Ruby Red)
The Aphex Twin with Schizophrenia - N Trance to Exit (Mighty Force records)
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