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Baby Kate remixes

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http://m-nus.com — Remixes of Michigan native Heartthrob's "Baby Kate" were released on M_nus this month but technical problems on their server prevented fans from listening to them online. That has been fixed. The 12“ features four remixers with an additional three available for purchase as MP3s. Resident Advisor interviewed Heartthrob several weeks ago and asked about Baby Kate. Apparently, it's named after Kate Moss. While Kate has appeared in music videos for the White Stripes, Johnny Cash, and in a song titled "Kowalski" (no relation to the makers of yummy kielbasa), we have heard no news that she will be in any video for this.

Magda's "Where's My Baby's Daddy?" Mix
Konrad Black Remix
Sascha Funke Remix
Plastikman Remix
Troy Pierce "First Day of Rehab" Mix
Adam Beyer + Jesper Dahlbäck Remix
Robotman Remix
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