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Richie Hawtin Troy Pierce Heartthrob Ricardo Villalobos Marco Carola @ Cocoricò

Posted by tomo 4055 days ago techno| download minimal minus All
M_nus night at Cocorico featured Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, and Heartthrob August 15, 2007. As usual, these mp3s are only a sampling of the live sets from the evening.

Richie Hawtin set: Download mp3 from zshare
Troy Pierce set: Download mp3 from megaupload
Heartthrob set: Download mp3 from zshare

Just two weeks earlier they had Ricardo Villalobos and Marco Carola but be warned - the sound quality of these mixes is wanting.

Download CD 1 from sendspace
Download CD 1 from rapidshare

Download CD 2 from bigupload

Download CD 3 from sendspace
Download CD 3 from rapidshare

Download CD 4 from sendspace
Download CD 4 from rapidshare

Being able to alternate among file uploading sites when you don't have an account makes it only partially as annoying. :)
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