Robert Babicz - La Sunda Mix

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Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid has been making tracks since the acid house days but now he's much in demand for his value-added remixing abilities on various German minimal techno labels. His tracks seem to carry acid into the new minimal order. Here is Robert Babicz - La Sunda Mix from Sound Revolt, October 10, 2007.

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Also, listen to Babicz mixing himself on this promo mix of his:

01 Da Fresh - Electronic Supafreak (Robert Babicz Remix)
02 Flavi - Flavi (Robert Babicz Remix)
03 Christian Linder, SMG - Stay Sharp (Rob Acid Remix)
04 Phonique - River (Robert Babicz Remix)
05 Martin Eyerer, Toni Rios - Duende (Lost in Robert Babicz Space Remix)
06 Evil Hinko - Gedankenhochsprung (Babicz Remix)
07 Gennaro Rossi - Superfoolish (Robert Babicz Remix)
08 Mimo - Break Yourself (Robert Babicz Remix)
09 Unizzon - Balonizator (Robert Babicz Remix)
10 Muskat Nuss - Misteek Drive (Robert Babicz Remix)

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