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MANTIS 001 12th May 2007 - many DJs, many styles

Posted by tomo 4149 days ago techno| download radio ambient breaks dub drum and bass electro All
MANTIS 001 12th May 2007 15:00GMT on www.brap.fm. New radio show of electronic music but not strictly techno. Some is mixed, some is not, from ambient to breaks, drum&bass to dub, electro to techno.

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DJ Rap - Fuck with your Head – [Sony BMG]
Herzog – Milk Snatcher – [Serein]
Pink Elln – Phobia (DJ Hell remix) [Cyclotron Records]
Future for the Good – Placid Set [Virus B-23]
Burial – Gutted [Hyperdub]
Phil Kieran – Skyhook2 [Novamute]
Richie Hawtin – The Tunnel [M_Nus]

Disco Donkey - Mochipet (Cursor Minor RMX) [Daly City Records]
Nitro meets Michael Noize – Physical Attraction [Spanish Breakz]
ISY – Provocative [Groove Master Sound Recordings]
Dopamine – Zoit [TCR]
Si Begg – Trigger [Trigger Recordings]
Chris Carter – Fear2 [Record Records]
DJ Aziz – No Competition (October RMX) [Dangerous Drums Recordings]

Herzog – Milksnatcher [Serein]
Kerrier District 2 - A1 116 bpm [Rephlex]

SHOWCASE with Stormfield
noise loops
Ben Milstein and Logreybeam - Neginfac [Designed Disorder]
MRK1 - Grit [Planet Mu]
The Bug - Jah War (Loefah remix) [Ninja tune]
Milanese – Sadako [Seed Records]
Crooked One - unknown [unreleased]
Innasekt - Archetype [unreleased]
Point B - Tar Pit [unreleased]
Dolphin - Mimulus - Combat forthcoming [combat14]
Scorn - Stealth 1 [Ohm Resistance]
ScanOne - Kik It (strings) [unreleased]
Crooked One – Lucifuge [unreleased]
Caspa - Rubber Chicken [Tempa]
Autechre - 2nd Peng (Threnody Remix) [unreleased]
Scorn - Stealth 4 [Ohm Resistance]
Stormfield - Altered Beast [unreleased]
Tes la Rok - Cold Blooded [Digital Tunes]
Crooked One - Torture Sequence [Combat forthcoming]
Ardisson - Rat's Nest [Seed]
Point B – Embrionic [unreleased]
Komonazmuk & White Boi - Search for Truth [Combat 14]

Modus Vivendi – Modus Vivendi (Fade In Mix) [Warp Records]
Unkle – Reign (Trafik’s Stoned Rose Remix) [MoWax]
Decal – Turnaround [CDr]
Boards of Canada – Tears From The Compound Eye [Warp Records]

Katana – Void [unreleased]
DJ Icey – Tasters [Zone 72 Records]
Bassbin Twins – Woppa [unreleased]
Joey G & Steve Chadwick & Lucin – Freakquency (LAB 3 Mix) [Troubadour Records]
Zone 6 – Energize (SOTEG remix) [Full Intent Records]
Tim Wright – The Walk [Novamute]
Mongrel Breaks Collective – Confusion Delusion [Drum and Breaks]
Hac[k] The Tab – I Am Not A Machine (Original) [[K]racktroni[k]]
Backdraft & Eskmo – Basement [Downbeat Productions]

DJ Hidden – Prisoner of One Self [Kod Productions]
Doctor Blue and the Time Travellers – Who Make We [Dubplate Sounds]
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