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The Leep Bleep / Bleep 100: Nasty Colour Marathon

Posted by isoprax 3884 days ago techno| bleep radio podcast fun in the murky dj urbe dj dro san dj mem dj set All
http://www.fun-in-the-murky.com — Track-list of Part 1:
TSR - Arcade
Lukes Anger - All Around Me
TSR - Robi und Fredi
Paul Birken - Crawling Home To Nest
Nino Fight - Ca Flotte (Jason Leach remix)
Quick & Smart - Heinzyphos (Shithauz remix)
Lukes Anger - Honkeytonk
Tomas Nordstrom - Final Battle
Lukes Anger - Strangle Hold
Si Begg - Non Stop Cut Paste
DJ Mahatma - Rolling Stoned
3d!t - Naughty Naughty
Dirty Ali & Funky Farid - Electronic For Children (Warriors Groove mix)
TSR - Monkeysuit Party
Daze Maxim - Sorom City
Smooky - LFO's Activ
Freak - Gaia
Carsten Rechenberger & Recall 8 - Bass Buzz Two
Neil Landstrumm - Tension In New York
Party Crashers - Work Your ASS (12' Long mix)
Blue Maxx - Peep-O-Rama
Joseph Sanger - Poor Litlle Robot

Download Part 1

Track-list of Part 2:
nc 01 "ther's some colour in da house"
"pass the blunt"
"is your ticket"
"team racing"
"pineapple & coconut"

nc 02 "let your fingers do the talk"
"let's go"
"hard music beat"
"hold it"
"diz n'dat"

nc 03 "classic material"
"3 in one"
"you really would"

nc 04 "happy dro"
"north & south"
"pussy work"
"happy dro"
"amplification remix"

nc 05 "i've got a nasty feeling"
"let me work"
"let me work remix"

nc 06 "get on the good foot"
"west street mobbin"
"don't u later"
"don't stop"
"party starter"
"pump me up"

Download Part 2

Track-list of Part 3:
1-tommy boy -planet rock
2-osiac-vogel's funky sola mix
3-john tejada-paranoia
4-quentin dupieux-half a scissor
5-cristian vogel-the visit
6-tyree cooper- jump up & down
7-noodles vol 1
9-joey beltram-floatters
10-subhead-in the blue corner
11-woody mcbride/ alan Oldham- broadcast test
12-robert Armani-up
13-hardfloor-strike out
14-help me lord-dj skip
15-autonation-sit on the bass
16-chance mcdermott-u feel me?
17-noodles vol3
18-pop the glock-sebastian remix
19-noodles vol 5
20-sebastian-ross ross ross
21-noodles vol 4
22-benny Goodman- sing sing sing(with a swing)
23-noodles vol 4
24-mr oizo-patrick 122
25-society suckers-kakke ekko

Download Part 3
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