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Foundsound - Free EP - Unfoundsound 34 - Various Artists - Melbourne Macropus ep

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http://foundsoundrecords.com — Unfoundsound 34 - Various Artists - Melbourne Macropus ep

"first it was buenos aires. then it was marseille. this time, unfoundsound adds a third chapter to the "location series" with melbourne macropus ep – a compilation of artists hailing from melbourne, australia. the idea transpired while sean o’neal (a.k.a. someone else) was touring around australia in june/july 2007. sean quickly discovered that australia – particularly melbourne – has an intelligent and thriving underground techno scene that is deeply on the rise. and because the melbourne scene is tight-knit and intimate, the city’s dope output of minimal goodness seems to be fairly unknown in other parts of the world. but much of melbourne’s bomb-ass techno certainly deserves worldwide awareness. thus, unfoundsound presents six tracks of druggy, groovy, head-numbing chooons courtesy of markojux, stuart mckeown, lance harrison, paul agius and craig mcwhinney. yeah, y'all! aussie folk in da house!"

01. paul agius - 3 steamed dim sims
02. stuart mckeown - booze bus
03. markojux - monotreme
04. lance harrison - vegemite on toast
05. markojux & stuart mckeown - uluroo
06. craig mcwhinney - gold rush

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3962 days ago
Hmm, as of posting this, I noticed i'm having some serious problems downloading the files (or even accessing the download site). Apologies...maybe it will be up shortly.
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