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Fenducci live at Mains Castle 2003

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fenducci live undated 2003 (1).mp3

The last release was a more recent one, a showcase for our current output. This one goes back a few years to when we were doing gigs for a wider audience, a festival crowd with a broader range of tastes. It was summer, we were in a castle so we decided to do something a bit summery and fun.

Hope you like it.


Controversy- Prince
Crafty Sock- fenducci
Un-defined- fenducci
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough- Michael Jackson
I Feel Love- Georgio Moroder
Ain't Nobody- Chaka Khan
Magnum Force Intro- Lalo Schifrin
Do You Wanna Funk?- Sylvester
Un-defined- fenducci
Bus Stop- The Fatback Band
Pull Up to the Bumper- Grace Jones
News Report- Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack
Broken Plates- fenducci
First Bass- fenducci
Stop the Bus- fenducci
Planet Earth/ The Reflex- Duran Duran
Broken Face- The Pixies
Un-defined- fenducci
212 N. 12th- Salsoul Orchestra
Isolation- Joy Division
The Chase/Respectable- Georgio Moroder/ Mel and Kim
Bugaboo- Destiny's Child
Thoughty- fenducci

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