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Feed Your Robot Presents Kalaedoscopic Ben's "Psychedelic Sex Tape"

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http://www.myspace.com — O.K. Spacemen
It's Time To get Wet Music
A Deep Eklectronic Dream Scape
Feed Your Robot
Kalaedoscopic Ben's

"Psychedelic Sex Tape"

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1 Heroes(Kruder’s Long Loose Mix) Roni Size
2 Old Artist Archive
3 CasaForte Friends From Rio
4 Escape That 4 Hero
5 War of the world’s Remix Jeff Waynes versus Dj Keltech
6 VSHH Cyberhop Mix Janelle Monae
7 Laughable Butane Bob AFX
8 Tehillim for Voices and Ensemble Steve Reich
9 Laugh Now Cry Later Ice Cube
10 Otome Wa Do My Best Deshou
11 Wanna Ride Yarah Bravo
12 Oh You Pretty Things David Bowie
13 The Exploding Psychology Squarepusher
14 Handsome As Ever (imitation Electric Piano Rmx) Dolphin Boy
15 Playground for a Wedgeless Firm Chemical Brothers
16 The Fight (instrumental) Cornelius
17 Lead The Floor K the I
18 Bloodstain UNKLE
19 Lightworks Astrobotnia
20 Alpha Centauri Tangerine Dream
21 I’m 9 Today Mum
22 Archangular Spectac
23 il Volo The Shaidon Effect
24 It’s not your Fault The Boats
25 Intercom2 Komputer
26 Custodian Discount AFX
27 Girl/Boy Song (Redruth Mix) Aphex Twin
28 A Chiming Segway Eight Frozen Modules
29 Reichlicher Laub
30 Mafalda The Shaidon Effect
31 Akatombo Isan
32 Demeter The Shamen
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