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Bleep Radio 67: Trevor Wilkes

Posted by isoprax 4115 days ago techno| wonky techno bleep radio fun in the murky trevor wilkes experimental bleep bass All
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01 - Cristian Vogel "Ninja" Tresor 35 [Sirius LP 1995]

This track of Cris' has always been a pain in my backside. I love it, but can never find much to play with it. To this day I've never found 1 other record or track that I can say I really think meshes well with it. It makes me curse and sweat. Although the sweat may just be the heat right now.
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02 - Chris Sattinger "Joy Etc." Subvoice 10 [The mumbler Ep 1997]
Chris Sattinger, AKA Mono Ekagra, Timeblind, Keek and a few others has always been a hell of a producer. All the stuff he put out on the Mid-west acid labels and Probe was awesome. Even his dubstep stuff these days is pretty rocking. This is the record that contains the track "Fun in the Murky". Do I have to tell you what that means or can ya'll figure it out?
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03 - Aeox "She's Gotta Gun" Mental Ind. 02 [Paranoid EP 2001]

This is by far the biggest most bad ass Techno track you'll ever hear. Aeox at their prime.
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04 - Blackmass Plastics "Beatings" Rag & Bone 11 [Four Aces Ep 2006]
Kick step you way on over and enjoy blackmass with me. As mentioned the last few shows in a row: I'm newly hooked on BMP. can anyone recommend some of his older releases to me? Something I should check out for sure.
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05 - Queaver & Versis "Dr. Pest" Error 04 [De Nischel Ep 2006]

Q&V are usually hiding on a b-side somewhere with only one track to their name on a comp. This time however, they've got, well, the b-side again, but at least this time they got the whole damn side! I'm a huge fan of their newest track on Kugelbox 5. "..and I hate to cook!" The half time breakdown made fukhouse get silly.
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06 - Dj Funk "Funk U Up (Dj Rush Berlin Mix)!" Pro-Jex 54 [Funk U Up! Ep 2004]
I bought this EP for the Begg mix, but ended up liking the Rush Berlin mix better once it was in my posession. Go figure, I'm not really a Rush fan at all, but there are some gems and gold bits strewn throughout his prolific career.
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07 - Aeox "2:0" Neue Heimat 32 [Easy Jetset EP 2007]
This is possibly the last Aeox Ep we'll ever see unfortunately. Both Hanno and Alex have parted to work on other things. In theory what this means is more releases from the two of them. Not as Aeox, but hey I'll take what I can get.
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08 - Nino Fight "Ca Flotte (Jason Leach Slight Remix)" Mercurochrome 06 [Patate Fight EP ]
I don't know if anyone else considers this a classic joint, but I sure do. it's got "I still remember it and it's 10 years later" written all over it.
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09 - RV "Kill Me" Bombtrap 04 [Bombsplit 1 EP 2006]
I was playing the flip side to this for awhile, but only just realized that I hadn't really given RV's two track on this side much of a chance. Zing...it's good too. I really need to buy less vinyl so that I can fully appreciate what I do have in a timely manner.
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10 - Sueme & Total Useful "RDA" Input-Output 14 [Motorboy EP 2006]
I love this Ep and am glad that I sent Sueme to Cynthia at I-O (Mr. braggery runs amok!) when he was looking for a home for it. Sueme as some of you know used to be half of Subhead and Total useful is a Japanese lad if my memory serves me correct. Phil went on about him, but now I've forgotten it all.

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11 - Subhead "Unknown" Subhead 14 [14 EP 1998]
At my local record store -- when I had one -- I was known as the guy who bought the weird stuff. Suited me just fine, but one day the owner got this record in. I don't think I had too much Subhead at this point. Maybe one other Ep and I'd seen them live in Toronto once around this time too. Point to that was..I bet you it was this EP that sent me round the bend and had me looking past the Detroit and more for the Real Techno.
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12 - Paul Birken "Fender Bender" Tonewrecker 12 [Junk Profanity EP 2006]
Fender Bender is dirty. So very dirty. Paul should be outlawed. The very least...tar and feather him! Seriously bad ass...acidgrungecoretootyfruitybassno

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13 - Sutekh "Shiura" Belief Systems 04 [Deadpan Escarpment LP 1998]
Near the end of the 90's was when I was on my "minimal" kick. That was when I started buying up the Sutekh, Twerk and Kit Clayton stuff. I thought it was awesome (still do!), but then a few years went by and I noticed that there was more and more coming out. And less and less of it was worth buying. Fast forward to 2007. The situation hasn't improved. I can't stand 99.9% of whatcomes out in the "minimal" bins these days. Why can't Sutekh come back to his former glory? Seth...give us one last romp in the woods.
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14 - Elec Pt. 1 "Unknown" Bunker 3067 [Dangerous For The Environment EP 2007]
Unh Unh. Acid, Cologne style yo. I don't know about Dangerous for the Environment, but it's mucking up the needles real good.

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15 - Debo "World War 3" Dance Mania 214 [A Lil Somethiin-Somethin EP ]
I don't know who Debo is, but I can say that it was a Toronto Dj who first played this and hooked me on it. Vortex was in the house!
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16 - Traxmen "Let Me See You Butterfly" Dance Mania 68 [Basement Traxx Vol 2 EP 1994]
Traxmen rocked. This Ep however, has a secret weapon on it. "Indoor use Only" will force that grin on your face to record proportions.

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17 - Luke's Anger "Method To Madness" Tiger Bass 02 [Give Em Some Freq Ep 2007]
I shouldn't even say anything about this EP or Luke. I've been going on about him so much it's getting stupid now. Oh well. Luke rocks. Deal with it.
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