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Bleep Radio 112: Trevor Wilkes

Posted by isoprax 3799 days ago techno| bleep radio fun in the murky trevor wilkes dj set podcast techno All
http://www.fun-in-the-murky.com — Track-list:
[00:05] 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
[01:05] Mark Hawkins "13 Years Of Raving (Dave Tarrida Remix)"
[06:24] Humate "The Sound (Cari Lekebusch Remix)"
[10:06] Luke's Anger "kl93"
[13:06] Tobias Schmidt "Machine Puzzle"
[17:09] Verthex Scratch "Low"
[20:36] Sugar Experiment Station "New Standard World"
[23:10] Cari Lekebusch "Skarume Max Peezay"
[28:02] Phuture "We Are Phuture"
[32:27] Ari Jukka "Untitled"
[34:54] Stefan Kutchenmeister & F. Feyerabendt "Bora Bora"
[38:00] Fin Phranklin "Ape's Caboodle"
[40:41] Neil Landstrumm "Brazillian Death Metal"
[42:59] CZR "Deep Into The Vibe"
[44:51] Archetype "Use R"
[48:42] Fugo "Live In Fear"
[51:44] Paul Birken "Numbskull"
[54:32] Aeox "Music We Have"

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