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s007ii - TribalInside

Posted by s007ii 3574 days ago techno| djmix 4 d/l All
http://djmix.net — - dj subRoutine. The Full House version of my 60 min. Proton show on Nov 28, 2008. Includes 3 extra tracks to fill out an 80 min. set. There's a little bit of Tribal at the core of every set I do, even though I try to lean towards a more Progressive sound. This one is the same idea in reverse. Here are some Tracks from '07 & '08 - which is about as retro as I'll ever get. ;)

Style: Progressive House, Tribal House
Format: mp3
Length: 77:30
Size: 177 MB
Bitrate: 320 kbps

To download: http://soundcloud.com/vuetone/s007ii-tribal-inside/download

1. D-Unity - Freak Show (Original Mix) [Beat Therapy Records]
2. Alex Young - Minimal It (Original Mix) [Sleaze Records]
3. Maskio - Human Jungle (Santos Re-Edit) [Hell Yeah]
4. Tribalishious - Body Sensation (Original Afterhours Mix) [KULT]
5. Saeed Younan - To The Beat (Original Mix) [Younan Music]
6. Tiny Stikz, Anton Fielding - Pow Wow (Orginal Mix) [Forensic Records]
7. JC Mazter - Kum To Me (Original Mix) [Converge]
8. Yann Solo, Karl Jefferson - Wanted (Original Mix) [New Era Recordings]
9. Sonic Defect - Change For A 50 (Johan Chatkowski Remix) [Monad Music]
10. Beckers, D-Nox - Naked Punch (Original Mix) [Flow Vinyl]
11. Joy Marquez - Be With You (JC Mazter Remix) [HMSPlatino]
12. Sharam - Get Wild (Dub Mix) [DCI]
13. Jozef Mihalik - Listen (Russell G Lost It Mix) [Whoop Digital]

Thanks and please enjoy.

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s007ii - dj subRoutine
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