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R1 in the miX - Reflections 21-07-2011

Posted by r_1 2642 days ago techno| detroit techno house chicago deep r1 All — R1 - Reflections 21-07-2011 124bps/77min.

01 manuel_tur-fianchetto_original_mix
02 6th borough project - Iznae
03 Midland - Shelter
04 Alex_Agore_-_Improper_Change_(original_mix)
05 red_rackem--pressure_(kez_ym_remix)
06 bruno_be-hard_to_find
07 Scott Grooves - Coco brown
08 maya_jane_coles--get_away
09 franck_roger_and_mandel_turner-life_is_too_short_(no_chorus)
10 Bassfort - Last Read More
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Dj Psedo @ August 2011 Techno MixShow

Posted by DjPsedo 2628 days ago techno| techno acid techno All —

Subway baby and Hertz - Shockz (Umek Remix)
Nuta Cookier - Maschine Groove (Marco Bailey, Tom Hades Remix) Read More
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Dj Psedo @ July MixShow

Posted by DjPsedo 2641 days ago techno| tech-house progressive techno acid All —

Hello world finally a really good tech-progressive-techno dj set like I love! Just put it in your mp3 player and listen it straight to the end! Enjoy it and have fun!

PS: Tomorrow I'll Read More
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Ernesto Claramount - Misunderstood 2011 - LIVE ACT @ EL SALVADOR CENTRAL AMERICA

Posted by ernestoclaramount 2672 days ago techno| techno download minimal electro best All

Ernesto, has been in the electronic music scene for almost a decade now. At the beginning of his career, af Read More
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Dance or Die

Posted by JohnDaTech 2699 days ago techno| detroit techno mix All — A Detroit Techno mix by Dj JohnDaTech for DaTechDaHaus Productions.

Dance to this mental bassline set or laid back and chill.


Track 1. Moment Of Intertia (JohnDaTech "Dance To The House" Vocal Mix) - Oliver Dodd

Track2. Fuzzed Up (JohnDaTech "Dance With Me" Vocal Mix) - Vlad Caia

Track 3. Endorfin (Rio Padice Remix ) - Autumn Tree

Track 4. Life Aquatic (JohnDaTech "On Read More
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Crazik - Decompress

Posted by djchris 2720 days ago techno| crazik techno minimal tech house All

Read More
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xIII Techno May 2011

Posted by xIII 2722 days ago techno| treize techno 2011 may All — xIII Avatar

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I took over the turntables to record a techno set.

The playlist is available in the comments if you want.

Cheers from Belgium

XIII Techno May 2011 by Read More
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R1 in the miX – The Colonial Mentality 31-01-2011

Posted by r_1 2813 days ago techno| detroit brikha techno house r1 All — Very melodic, techno with some house tracks, has pretty good vibe on it, you`ll feel it for sure, enjoy ppl! :]

R1 – The Colonial Mentality 31-01-2011

01 aril brikha – lady 707
02 the black dog – cctv nation (slam mix)
03 minilogue – doiicie A
04 steve rachmad – street lights
05 david k – boul de nerf
06 kevin griffiths – jah
07 ues – la trutruka (MRI rmx)
08 christian burkh Read More
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Dubtronica Experiments

Posted by antistarproject 2808 days ago techno| dub techno toni guga torino italy All — Dubtronica consists of electronic beats played in a downbeat manner. It is much lower in speed than techno and generally warmer than dance-oriented electronica. The genre is repetitive but rewards careful listener attention. Some tracks use reggae toasters or singers to produce a more accessible form of the music.

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Crazik - Resound 012 (Edition 2)

Posted by djchris 2794 days ago techno| download crazik techno progressive All

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December 15, 2010 edition of The Vault featuring Reeko

Posted by antonbanks 2845 days ago techno| techno mp3 minimal streaming radio promo anton banks vault radio All —

All of my guest show archives are available online.

To get to them, Visit Read More
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DJ Rolando @ Kozzmozz 15 Year Anniversary, Ghent, Belgium, 18.12.2010

Posted by Iggie 2841 days ago techno| rolando detroit techno All — Free Image Hosting at

1 hr 42 mins, 192 kbps.
Wicked mix featuring lots of classics from Mr Aztec Mystic, DJ Ro Read More
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