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Leo Anibaldi at Adventures in Techno Soul Radio Show #1

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Gianluca Meloni w/ Francesco Cianella – Border Noise [Cannibald Records Promo]
Raffaele Attanasio - From Shade To Startdone [Psyk Rec]
Destroyer Of World (Enzinger remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten Rec]
Alex - Bau - Darkhearts -Ralph Mirto Remix [Driving Force Rec]
Perfect Circles – Lopazz - Joey Beltram Remix [Circle_Rec]
Raffaele Attanasio - Black_Bloc [Non Series Rec]
Alejandro Trebor - 13130 [The Zone Rec]
Roberto Figus - Sorting - Jeroen Search Remix [ Cannibald Rec]
Tom Hades - Act Of Passion [Respekt Rec]
Greated Good - Octave One - Luke Slater Remix [430 West Rec]
Ness - Black Sorrow [E.m. Rec]
Oscar Mulero – To Convince For The True [Warm Up Rec]
Ralph Mirto - I Don't Combo Dolls [Cannibald Rec]
Ness – Wasted [Synewave_Rec]
Shifted - Over [Mote Evolver Rec]
Logotech – Mist – Deh Noizer Remix [Parallel 125]
Reeko - Electrica Phenomena [Pole Group Rec]
Shlomy Aber – Groove Mechanism – Chris Liebing Remix [KNM Rec]
Planetary Assault System - Voltan
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