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Invite's Choice Podcast 103 - Raffaele Attanasio

Posted by chordminor 2027 days ago techno| ambient electronics acoustic All
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The 103rd Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite's Choice!
This week with guest: Raffaele Attanasio

The final show for this month comes from another Italian guest, named Raffaele Attanasio.
Although mostly known for his techno releases on Psyk's Non-Series, his podcast is something quite different. He told me this is the first mix he's ever done that sounds like this, which I'm really happy with! Each artist is after all fully free to choose his or her musical direction!

Speaking of Non-Series, Raffaele will release his first album on the label soon. I haven't heard previews yet, but am certainly keen to find out what it sounds like!

The last saturday of June will feature a Non-Series special, with two podcasts: one from Psyk and one from Chevel. From now on, I will be uploading an extra podcast every last Saturday of the month.

Also uploaded today is a techno podcast by Giorgio Gigli. Combined with this wonderful electronic podcast from Raffaele Attanasio a great and diverse weekend. Quality guarantueed! Enjoy!

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