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A de Large - Mikrobeats 4 Tiny People | Syncopated Musik Podcast

Posted by Wandabeats 3628 days ago techno| a de large minimal techno microhouse All
http://www.marcos-romero.com — Syncopated Musik presents a series of Podcast from the label artists starting with A de Large’s Mikrobeats 4 Tiny People, before the Release of Musik Non Stop Uno, a Compilation CD featuring: Master Hakan Lidbo, Fax, Yapacc, Daniela La Luz, Nico Ovalle, Genna Greene, Marcos Romero, Mateo Monestier, Dave Wesley, James Patrick, cHMa and Sergio Soroa.

Mikrobeats 4 Tiny People is the work of A de Large A.k.A Marcos Romero in his techno side, and is the fruit of many nights exploring beats programming
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